Pork and Oyster Dinner

Come and enjoy a mouth watering roast pork with oyster dressing dinner, prepared by renowned Chef Harold Moore, seen on the TV shows, “Chopped”, “The Dish”, “Knife Fight,” and featured on recent news programs.  He is currently the owner and chef of several restaurants in NYC, including Harold’s Meat +3 and Bistro Pierre Lapin.

The Pork Roast and Oyster Dressing Dinner has been enjoyed by the congregation and people from surrounding communities for many, many years. Some maintain that it has been a featured event for at least 50 years or more. After a brief hiatus in the early 1990s, the dinner was offered again as part of our congregation’s 225th Anniversary celebration, and it has been ongoing ever since!

The menu includes roast pork, oyster dressing made from fresh oysters, mashed potatoes with gravy, seasonal vegetables, special Chef Moore macaroni and cheese, rolls, beverages and freshly made home baked desserts provided by members of the congregation.

Adult meals cost $16.00, children 5-9 are $10.00 and children under 4 are free. Don’t have time to stay and eat? Don’t worry, you won’t miss it. If you call ahead, you may order take out meals!