Cross Roads Camp

Located just a few miles from our church, Cross Roads Camp is supported by Spruce Run Lutheran. Spruce Run has provided offerings to the camp the years. In addition many of our members attended the camp. Several members participated in the construction of many of the camp’s buildings years ago when it was known as Camp Beisler.

In recent years Cross Roads Camp has seen a resurgence in popularity. Buildings have been renovated and its staff has given new life and spirit to its program offerings.

While many wonderful comments may be made about Cross Roads Camp and its fellowship, the camp experience may be summed up this way:

Camp is a holy time — a time set apart to live in intentional Christian community. Each day worship, Bible study, prayer, singing, and shared meals mark the structure of life. Such structure stands in sharp contrast to the normal structure of contemporary life, characterized most by exhausting busyness. Camp offers campers the opportunity to refocus and participate in God’s kingdom here and now—a kingdom characterized by love, grace, and compassion.