Family Promise


In September 2014 Spruce Run Lutheran returned to “host status” from “support status.” Since then, we have been hosting two to three weeks a year.  These hostings have been successful largely due to the willingness of 30-40 of our members and volunteers from our main support church, St John Neuman in Califon.

We certainly serve with grace, mercy, love, patience, and flexibility! It is always a blessing to see new faces get involved, and an even greater blessing to hear from them how much they enjoyed the experience. There are many ways to offer help!

1. Dinner Preparer:  Dinner is a simple hot meal prepared by a volunteer and delivered to the church by 6:00 PM.

2. Hosts:  Volunteers stay at the church during the evening hours Monday-Friday and during the day and evening on the weekends.  They socialize with the guests, read stories to the kids, play games, help with homework, or engage at their own comfort level.

3. Overnight Hosts: Two people spend each night at the church. You will have a comfortable air mattress and a private room.

Our volunteers are varied. Often families come together. Some work shifts are covered by friends who decide to work together. Fortunately, we also have individuals just eager to help out where needed. If you have not yet gotten involved with this ministry, you have nothing to lose in giving it a try!

As a church community, this outreach ministry provides us with many benefits: We help with the needs of people right here in our own community, we gain an increased sense of community among our members as we work together in a shared mission, and it is an excellent way to make use of our facilities on a more regular basis. Thank you for your generous support.